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A holistic approach to writing


I believe in sustainable productivity.


That is, I believe that all of us, in this crazy, fast-paced world, have the ability to live above the frenzy. As we begin to slow down and become acutely aware of each and every action, every word, and every intention we create, mindfulness becomes a tool by which to achieve our writing goals healthfully and efficiently. 


You will benefit from mindful writing services if…


·      You don’t have enough time for writing or are too tired when there is time.

·      You have a story inside you, but don’t know how to write it.

·      You never finish a project to completion because you continually burn out or lose inspiration.

·      Your writing routine is nonexistent, sporadic, or filled with unhealthy habits.

·      Your manuscript needs a fresh perspective and a clear plan of action for moving forward.