Coaching Services


We don’t write in a vacuum (as much as many of us wish it so). There will always be distractions, stressors, and other obligations that get in the way of the perfect writing routine. That’s why mindful writing coaching doesn’t just take into account your writing goals, but also your lifestyle, health, the type of worker you are, how you cope with stressors, time management, and energy levels. 


If we are not grounded, we cannot support ourselves.

This foundational coaching focuses not just on what you want to write, but on who you are as a person, how you work best, your current lifestyle, belief systems, and writing goals. In weekly or bi-weekly 1-hour sessions, together we will develop a sustainable writing routine that works for you and set tangible goals for your project. Subsequent sessions will be to evaluate your writing as well as to check in on your writing routine.

Time: 3-6 months

Sessions: 10-25, depending on the scope of your project.


At our center, we are stable.

This stabilizing coaching builds upon your existing writing routine and current project. In weekly or bi-weekly 1-hour sessions, we will work together to fine-tune them, creating an actionable plan for moving forward, so you can have clarity and confidence as you continue on your writing journey.

If you have a partial or completed manuscript, we will start with a manuscript evaluation.

Time: 1-3 months

Sessions: 5-15, depending on the scope of your project.


From above, we see all.

This sustaining coaching is for those who feel confident in their writing routine and current project, but would still like some guidance from time to time. We will address what’s working in your routine and what isn’t so you can be operating at your highest level. We will also discuss your current project in whatever capacity needed.

A manuscript evaluation can be added on at any point.

Time: no limit

Sessions: no minimum


Evaluation Services


Through separation, union is achieved.

Evaluation services are for those who have completed a full manuscript and are open to constructive notes to improve upon the existing work. This is a great time to take a step back from your project, freeing that headspace to rejuvenate your mind for what lies ahead.

Beta Reading

Beta reading is a general evaluation of your manuscript. I’ll give you an objective opinion and suggestions for you to gauge whether you need to make small changes, undertake a rewrite, send it to a copyeditor or proofreader, or if your work is ready to be shared with the world!

Time: 2 weeks-2 months

Manuscript evaluation

This is a more in-depth version of beta reading. I will evaluate your manuscript in full, including structure, theme, character development, dialogue, flow, and pacing. You will receive a written analysis via email for your review.

If you would like further clarification or to discuss strategies for moving forward with your project, you can schedule a follow-up phone/Skype session.

Time: 2 weeks-2 months


Writing And Training Services


Expression comes in many forms.

My writing and training services are for those who know what they want to say, but need some help with exactly how to say it. 


I specialize in writing content for websites, such as a mission statement, bio, and services offered. In an initial session, we will discuss what content you need and you will provide me with any pertinent information and language. Then you can go about your life while I write! I will check in with you periodically by email until we’re both happy with the end result.

Time: dependent on the scope of the project

Social Media Training

As a writer, having a regular social media presence can be just as important as the actual process of writing. But in order to benefit from it, you not only have to understand how to use it, but also how to maintain a presence that will help you find your audience. Over multiple one-hour training sessions, I will teach you the ins and outs of your preferred outlets and together we'll develop a sustainable routine and strategies that will make you a social media pro!

Time: 3 weeks-3 months

Sessions: 3-10

Blog Content Training

Having a personal blog is the best way to speak directly to your target audience, but writing blog posts can feel daunting, frustrating, or even boring. Sometimes it seems better to just hire someone else to do it for you, but it’s hard to be happy with someone else’s words. You are the expert in your field, job, or brand, and people want to hear from you! In these personalized one-hour sessions, we will go over everything it takes to write engaging blog posts that relate back to your brand. By the end, you will have a polished blog post ready for posting and the knowledge to create more engaging posts!

Time: 1-3 months

Sessions: 4-6

Need some clarification on a specific service or ready to work together? Please get in touch here!