Hi, I'm Melissa Bloom, the mindful writer.

I’m a writer, writing coach, and certified yoga instructor with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and creating. I’ve spent most of my life setting and achieving goals, but after suffering countless burnouts throughout my academic and early career, I began to slow down and explore the connection between productivity and wellness.

Through a regular practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, I learned tools that allowed me to not only step off the hamster wheel, but also create a sustainable lifestyle and routine conducive to achieving my goals, both writing and otherwise. I’m passionate about helping others implement sustainable productivity as they endeavor to reach their own goals and believe that everyone is capable of accomplishing them without burning out.

I studied film, animation, and creative writing at the University of Southern California, where I ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematic Arts Critical Studies. Out of college I worked as a fabricator for stop-motion animation on shows like the Emmy award winning Robot Chicken as well as on commercials and a short film for Oscar-nominated director PES. I also assisted producer Jonathan Gordon on Kevin Smith’s film Red State (2010) and the Oscar-nominated American Hustle (2013). In 2015, I co-founded fine jewelry company Lane + Lanae with my sister. And in the Spring of 2017, I earned my 200-hr yoga certification from Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, Ca.

As a writer, I understand the yearning to just get the words out. But as a mindful writer, I understand we don’t write in a vacuum. With all of life’s stressors, commitments, and unknowns, I take a holistic approach to writing coaching in order to help people develop a sustainable writing practice that leads them to accomplishing their writing goals.

I consistently attend workshops, trainings, and conferences on mindfulness, yoga, and writing. I also constantly read articles and books as well as listen to audio books and podcasts to help me hone the crafts of writing and living well.

My own passion project is a fiction novel that takes place in my hometown, La Jolla, California.

Somewhere in the midst of my burnouts, I got the travel bug and have globetrotted to 25 countries and counting. In fact, I lived in Berlin for 3 months with my best friend, eating doner kebabs and attempting to learn German (nicht so gut). It was there I discovered fresh mint and ginger tea, which I now drink often while writing.

You can visit my personal blog for my musings, travels, and creations or learn more about my mindful writing services here.